Search agencies traditionally exist to fill roles, rather than place talent.

We work dif­fer­ently at Ensynia.

At Ensynia we take a more long-term view to service provision. And everybody wins; satisfied developers produce their best work — for clients that return with more roles for more developers.

We offer you

Industry knowledge

Insights from the lead­ing minds in com­puter pro­gram­ming delivered to you via webinars, white­pa­pers, inter­views and more.

Better prospects

Cli­ent intel­li­gence as well as CV prep and tips are provided to help you stand out at inter­view.

Training opportunities

Dis­counts with lead­ing train­ing academies to bol­ster your skill­sets.

Networking events

Online and off­line events to con­nect with your peers, learn, and meet with poten­tial employ­ers.

Partner discounts

Select part­ner recom­mend­a­tions and part­ner dis­counts at home and over­seas.

Feedback channels

We wel­come your feed­back with regards to any way we can improve our ser­vice to you.

Let’s get to work.

Let’s talk excit­ing developer jobs with lead­ing and break­through com­pan­ies from Lon­don through to Zurich.

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