Top 3 ways to close an interview

ABC. Always Be Clos­ing. Whilst we don’t advise you to go all “Glen­garry Ross” on your Inter­view­er, we do advise that you (gently) push for a close at each stage of the inter­view pro­cess. “Clos­ing” is a term from the world of sales, and refers to push­ing for your desired out­come. E.g. Joe Sales­man “closes” […]

More rapport? Why Developers need non-technical skills

You might not think it, but even Developers need so-called “soft skills” to be truly suc­cess­ful (in fact they’re so essen­tial, we use “non-tech­n­ic­al” rather than the term “soft”). For both office and remote roles, how you do your work and what you are like to work with are huge dif­fer­en­ti­at­ors and key to suc­cess. […]

How long can you sit on a tech vacancy?

It’s tempt­ing to hold off on that new developer hire — just squeeze more out of the cur­rent team right? Costly mis­take. Par­tic­u­larly for soft­ware developers who have a giant impact on com­pany suc­cess. Lost rev­en­ues, lost profits… buggy soft­ware, missed pro­ject launch win­dows, high­er volume of calls to tech sup­port, longer wait times when […]